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Zombie Cookie Cutter

This zombie cookie cutter is the perfect addition to your zombie themed home. This cutter has a gruesome looking skeleton in place of a head and is made of durable plastic. This cutter easily cuts biscuits, cookies, and other items. It is perfect for any zombie-themed party or wedding.

Zombie Cookie Cutter Ebay

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Top 10 Zombie Cookie Cutter

This is a great set of two zombie cookie cutters that will help you and your students stay safe during class. The zombies are looking forward to cutting into their cookies, but can only eat ones that are fresh and not stale. If you or your students are ever safety conscious, this is a great set to buy to support the cause. looking for a fun and deadly option for your zombie party treats? look no further than our zombie cookie cutter! This head-on cookie cutter is perfect for attacking others as or buf. this zombie cookie cutter cut and stamp party trick or treat is just what you need for the ghosts and zombies alike! You will have to be careful with this as it is really easy to cut yourself on a zombie themed party! All you need is a cookie cutter, some stamp papers, and some red and green paint. You can also use it for different designs on the turnover itself! this zombie cookie cutter is a great way to add a touch of style to your male zombie walker. This cutter is made of hard plastic and has a stamp on it that indicates it is a cookie cutter. It is the perfect tool for cutting up different types of food.