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Mini Chicken Cookie Cutter

This tone-altering cookbook extends everything from tone-a-pokey to dopey dogs to this fun, fun chicken, the Cutter comes with two eggs, so you can easily create an egg pasty out of this cute chicken. Plus, it provides a line for an unequaled fryer-perfect chicken, and, of course, the cookies will be made with admiration in the tones of the Mini Chicken cutter.

Cookie Cutter Size Chart

This cookie Cutter size chart is for small animals (like dog or cat) that can be cut with a sharp knife, the chart can also be used to plan out how many cookie cutters you need for a specific design. This set of five Chicken leg cookie cutters is a fun alternative to wish your friends and family members happy holidays! The top-of-the-line accessory for or counter top surface, these cutters are make a quick and facile batch of cookies or gift-giving basket, this vintage Mini tiny baby chick duck Chicken metal tin cookie Cutter is puissant for creating eggs, cookies or cake! It is a top-notch addition to all kitchen. This enticing little gift for the Chicken lover in your life is a so-called toy Mini tin cookbook, with this set, you can create a Chicken out of artpedia's latest offerings - toy Mini tin cookbook and dog in chicken, cat in chicken, and so on. So whether your desire for poultry as strong as ever or you're just scouring for an alternative to make some profits in the kitchen, Mini cookie cutters is the tool for you.